Fall 2013 Afro-Futurism: Pathways to Black Liberation

Old Master Study - Final Projects

Project based on the idea of an "old master study" (first introduced to me by Professor Ruth Lantinga in Drawing I & II at Kendall College of Art & Design) with an expanded, more inclusive and representative framework for what constitutes an old master.  Students created final project works of art with a combination of their own areas of major/study/interest inspired by the work of an Afro-Futurist old master from any of a wide range of disciplines.  Everyone from Sun Ra to Adrian Piper to Octavia Butler to DJ Spooky and more.

These featured projects represent a small number of the 20-plus projects that students created.  (More to come!)  From Andrea Wichman's Afro-Futurist ABCs (written in the style of a children's book with the intent to educate young readers to AF concepts) to the CHUUUCH stylings of DJ Cool Hand Luke, each offering was unique and highly detailed in composition and execution.

Thank you to all of the amazing students from Afro-Futurism Fall 2013 for showing out in the creation of such truly innovative projects!