Arts of Africa
Art History Fall 2013
Columbia College Chicago
Adinkra Commemorative Textile with Kanga Sayings
Adinkra symbols (from present-day Ghana) along with personal symbols and designs were used by students to create individual panels for a textile commemorating this semester.  The kanga proverbs* were selected by Akpem as a gift/message to students as they complete the semester and move on to new paths in school and life.  The vibrant, active patterning of kanga textile is named for the spotted feathers of the guinea fowl.
Akiba haiozi
Savings never go bad. -
It's always good to save or invest for the future.
Mambo mazuri hayataki haraka
Good things should not be hastened.
Another similar Swahili proverb: Haraka haraka haina baraka
- Rush rush doesn't lead to bounty. You need to slow down sometimes since when you do everything in a rush you do not get enough time to enjoy what you do.
Mgaagaa na upwa hali wali mkavu
A person who walks and searches thoroughly around a beach never eats "dry" rice (rice with no fish stew)
- If you work hard looking for something, you will never come out empty handed.
And also: Those who live on the beach should never eat just plain rice.
- When there is abundance available, don't live a life of lack.
Usilaumu sisimizi sukari haimalizi
Don't blame an ant, it will never finish the sugar.
Don't look for excuses.
And also: Accept responsibility for your self, your life, and your choices.
*Swahili Language and Culture