1. Soundscape (for Drexciya) - Audio from installation (story of Drexciya), 11.11.11, My Mythos, Fe Gallery, Pittsburgh

  2. Super Space Riff featuring DNA Opera stylings by Reverend Kim Crutcher - Performance-installation, Takeover exhibition, Hyde Park Art Center, 2006

  3. The Dream (Gift #2): Meditation Metaphor, Illustrated - Audio from performance-installation, 2011, Xtreme Studio exhibition, A+D Gallery, Chicago

  4. Rapunzel Revisited: An Afri-sci-fi Space Sea Siren Tale - Soundscape from installation, 12 x 12 New Artists/New Work, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

  5. La Pistola y El Corazon - Denenge - Featured song for La Morena performance-installation, G2, Chicago

  6. These Foolish Things - Denenge - Featured in La Morena performance-installation, G2, 2004