AFRIFUTURI 02022020 is a self-published monograph and artist’s book highlighting my performance, costume, and selected writings on Afro-Futurism, launched February 2, 2020 along with The Camo Coat Collection. The limited edition velvet box contains the AFRIFUTURI 02022020 202-page matte black softcover monograph with hologram details in custom raw wood box in black velvet and black-and-white stripe bags with gold ribbon and gold holographic thread embroidered title and including a clay kola nut used in performances with 4-oil anointing, and eight holographic Osanyin leaves.


AFRIFUTURI 02022020 was launched as a companion with The Camo Coat Collection, a series of eight ensembles conceived over the last two years as a timely, site-specific, textile- and garment-based engagement with environmental, political, and social concerns.


The Camo Coat Collection was inspired in part by the Osanyin Commemorative Portrait Series takes its cue from Yoruba orisa Osanyin, god of healing and leaves often depicted in half-tree, half-human form, to understand uses of camouflage in everyday life from an Afro-Futurist perspective in the (post-)apocalypse. The larger project which includes The Camo Coat Collection and AFRIFUTURI 02022020 considers the role of protection in art and design as physical, spiritual, and conceptual methodology, in connection with commemorative portraits taken with NEH Fellows on Emory University as a document of the historic institute. Leaf drawings made during this time are also the foundation for designed textiles and wallcovering. Referencing the black-and-white stripe of military dazzle camouflage and its visual connections to a’nger, Tiv-Nigerian striped loom-woven textile as utilized in Wan Chuku and the Mystical Yam Farm, The Camo Coat Collection has grown from the portraits to this 8-ensemble collection, influenced by Chicago’s AFRICOBRA co-founder Jae Jarrell and her iconic Revolutionary Suit, ready for boardroom and for revolution. With Chicago-specific prints, this project considers what it means to survive and thrive in the urban landscape.