Black Light Primal Nun ‘A’ Presents The Ramm Riff, “No Guts, No Galaxy” Slide Show Series, curated by Candace Strongwater, Rammellzee: Racing for Thunder exhibition, Red Bull Arts, NY, 2018

Curated by Candice Strongwater, then-Curator of Public Programming, for Rammellzee: Racing for Thunder exhibition “No Guts, No Galaxy” Slide Show Series at Red Bull Arts New York in August 2018, The Ramm Riff is a layered experimental composition, part manifesto, part oriki praise song/citation poetry, a call-and-response with The Rammellzee’s Garbage Gods. Led by Black Light Primal Nun “A” through hallowed virtual halls of Gothic Futurism and Afrofuturity, this audience-interactive lecture-performance weaves through space and time to illuminate histories of African-centered masquerade and mythologies; rituals of the body in clay, hair, soil; assemblage and costuming the cosmic android in the detritus of consumer culture; hauntology and becoming Spirit (in the) Machine; language and code systems as weaponized methodologies of decolonization; and the train as vessel of liberation.