Sculpting Sound is a site-specific residential commission originally created for and installed at a 58th floor  penthouse overlooking Chicago’s Navy Pier, now installed in a custom location at the client’s new home.


“Don’t Let Your Life Pass You By” is the phrase and theme that served as foundation for this commission for a tech and real estate investor. I proposed this concept to highlight a perfect nook in the dining area of his penthouse overlooking the south-west lake (with south and west views) just across from Navy Pier. The client picked a phrase of importance to him and recorded it until he/we selected the exact soundwave pattern most pleasing to the eye. 

Every single piece of this work has significance to the client. 200-year-old reclaimed pine that had been baked in a roof over the years to a near-crystalline amber, was hand- and maching-carved into 65 “quills” representing the client’s year of birth. Each quill was gold-leaf tipped to reflect the family company which he turned into a billion dollar enterprise via A slightly frosted polycarbonate sheeting was chosen for its durability, illuminated at night by a strip of lighting with gel colors specifically chosen by client to reflect his favorite color of Lake Michigan. 


With custom metal hardware measuring 8’ x 4’ x 1’ , this sculpture was designed and installed to reflect in the window as if it was floating even with the southeast horizon in line with the lake.